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Vinyl Film Remover

Vinyl Film Remover

Availability: In stock

Price from: £28.34

Product Code: SUVFR
  • Vinyl remover
  • Available in both a liquid & a paste
  • 1 Litre container

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Product Details

Vinyl Film Remover does exactly does that, removes vinyl from substrates and surfaces. Available in two variations to different requirements/environments. VFR attacks both the vinyl, and the adhesive resulting in adhesive and vinyl free surface in a short space of time.

VFR Liquid is simply sprayed onto the required surface using a spray bottle, left for a minute or so and then cleaned using a damp cloth / scraper. Ideal for removing vinyl lettering / graphics on vehicles, fascias and other smaller areas.

VFR Thixo is a thicker solution than VFR liquid and is designed to be brushed or rolled on to the sign, vehicle or window. This is ideal when you only require part of the graphic to be removed, for example, a telephone number on a vehicle or shop fascia. By rolling/brushing the Thixo onto the lettering or graphic, using masking tape to prevent the solution from spreading over the lettering you wish to keep, removal will be fast as the Thixo will embed itself into the vinyl and therefore act quickly.

The VFR Thixo is also a preferred method when removing larger graphics on glass and such like, where the solution needs to cover the whole graphic. By using a simple decorator’s paint roller, this is easily applied to the whole graphic evenly without leaving out large areas. This will ensure fast removal of both the vinyl and adhesive.