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Cherwell House Farm Road Buckingham Road Ind. Estate Brackley Northants NN13 7AW

Large Cutting Mats

Large Cutting Mats are now available directly from Rhino Cutting Mats

Cutting mats are an essential part of creating the perfect working conditions for your team. From the small traditional green self healing cutting mats through to the supersized, industrial Rhino and SupaSeal options which are available up to 20m in one continuous length, all are kept in stock ensuring we are perfectly placed to provide you with a cutting surface that is going to suit your specific needs.

All our cutting mats are double sided and have been put through extensive tests to ensure they will provide you with the most durable, long term solution that's suited to your needs. Additionally, we can cut your chosen mat down to suit the size of your workbench should you require and FREE samples are available enabling you to try before you buy.

Believe it or not, there are certain products that are suited to different working environments, even when it comes down to cutting mats. So if your a little unsure, then get in touch and discuss your requirements with one of our team on 01829 773 030.