Sign City Case Study

Sign City have been a customer for almost 5 years and have always purchased our D5 printable polymeric print vinyl. They used to purchase their laminate from another supplier due to favourable pricing. Twelve months later, a couple of his customers raised complaints due to a black line appearing around the perimeter of their graphics. Resolving this issue immediately became a high priority for Sign City so they contacted one of our experts for advice. 

The issue was narrowed down to printing vinyl on a polymeric (7yr) film whilst laminating using a monomeric (3 yr) film which is generally more vulnerable to shrinkage. So around the inside edges of the graphic a sticky, black outline would start to form and get gradually worse as time goes on. 

You can read more about this and other common vinyl issues on our blog. 

The solution was simple, although we couldn’t rectify past jobs, we supplied Ben a matching laminate for the D5 print vinyl. Although it worked out more expensive, the issue was put to bed and no issues have been reported since the materials change back in 2013. Another happy customer!

“Thanks for identifying the issues with my old laminates. Modest cost savings on materials do not compensate for dissatisfied customers. At Sign City, we are all about quality and customer loyalty and with your recommendations you have helped us along this path! Not to mention the help and advice you have been able to provide us with since we first started up it has been invaluable to us.”

Ben Jones, Director, Sign City UK


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