Rock Graphics - Frodsham, Cheshire

Rock Graphics are a sign making company based in Frodsham, Cheshire. They are suppliers of all types of sign and print work, primarily throughout the North West of England.


A tuvisio customer for over 7 years Mike spent a lot of his time of late just running his sign business. This involved; site surveys, designing, marketing, seeing customers, taking phone calls, installing and when time permitted grabbing a bite to eat.


Months went by and Mike and his team became a little frustrated with ’Sell, Design, Manufacture, Install cycle', hampering his output, at the same time they couldn't really see a way out of the situation apart from working harder. Mike began to look for ways to maybe simplify and streamline his business model, outsourcing was one consideration.


It was about this time that Jasper, a director of tuvisio, caught up with Mike about the new trade services that we had now started offering and not only that, Jasper explained that we were wanting to work with sign makers to effectively become their ‘off-site’ workshop. We were wanting to partner with sign makers rather than just be a supplier.


“That’s when I really saw the real value of working with tuvisio” Explained Mike.


Being able to have a workshop with the capability they have really has helped us make steps forward. We have basic equipment within our own workshop, but by joining forces with tuvisio we’ve got access to so much more, which intern puts us in a much better position as a sign company.  I can honestly say the concept that Jasper and his team at tuvisio have come up with has really helped me. Having the option to outsource this work, has enabled me to focus on growing my business.


So far, the results have been very good, the quality of their work is second to none and they do accommodate short lead times when necessary.


"I can fully endorse tuvisio and if you want to make progress and grow your business then I recommend you get in touch with them.”