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Cherwell House Farm Road Buckingham Road Ind. Estate Brackley Northants NN13 7AW

Polished Acrylic Panels

  • Polished Acrylic Panels

Flame polished acrylic panels are a very simple but stylish signage option that will provide your customers with a great looking sign that’s both modern and attractive. Flame polishing is a method of polishing the edges of acrylics to give an exceptionally high quality finish to your acrylic signs and make them look like glass. Due to the expertise required for this type of work, highly skilled operators are essential. That’s why you can rely on us to provide you with the very best flame polishing finishes, at a price that is competitive and a fast consistent service that you can rely on.

  • 3mm, 5mm & 10mm thick Acrylic
  • Clear, frosted, green edged effect acrylic
  • Pre-drilled holes for wall mounts
  • Single or double panel poster sets
  • With or without wall mounts
  • Wall mounts available in chrome and satin chrome finishes
  • Estimated lead time is 3-4 working days

By using our online configurator you can choose the spec of your acrylic panels very quickly and also obtain a cost in seconds. So go grab a quote.

Copy and paste the link to your browser: http://www.navsignsystems.co.uk/

Why does acrylic need flame polishing?

When acrylics are manufactured, the process leaves the sides/edges looking cloudy. Flame polishing transforms this unfinished surface, removing all the clouding and turns the edges into a smooth, clear, glass like finish. This process, completely transforms the panel to an extremely attractive means of presenting graphics, logos and images on or sandwiched between panels. One thing to always remember though is that coloured acrylic cannot be flame polished. Instead, we finish the edges to still look perfect, but it will just be without the shine.

We want to help you grow your business!

As a sign maker or wide format printer it's essential that you partner with a supplier that can help you grow your business. At tuvisio we offer expert advise, high quality workmanship, serisouly fast lead times and more importantly you can rest in the knowledge that we are TRADE ONLY, which means, we don't and won't supply your customers.

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